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Straightforward Pricing

Huddle is brought to you by… so of course we have the best pricing in the industry.

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$7 per month per host

  • Check icon Audio Conferencing
  • Check icon Video Conferencing
  • Check icon Screen Sharing & Drawing
  • Check icon International Dial-Ins
  • Check icon Meeting Recording & Playback
  • Check icon Meeting Transcriptions with Keyword Search
  • Check icon One Number
    * Eliminates access codes
    * Receive text notifications when the first participants joins.
  • Check icon Custom Greeting
  • Check icon Custom Hold
  • Check icon Team Chat
  • Check icon Team Contacts
  • Check icon Reporting
  • Check icon Team Admin
  • Check icon Virtual Phone with in Team Calling
  • Check icon 24/7 Support
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+ Unlimited US Calling Plan*

$9 per month per host

Everything included in Huddle.Team plus Huddle Phone

Huddle Phone with Unlimited US Calling will empower your team to:

  • Check icon Make unlimited calls to any US number
  • Check icon Gives each team member a fully functional second number that they can easily access through their Huddle.Team app
  • Check icon Allows your team members to keep their personal and business life separate as they'll no longer have to use their personal cell number for business

* All minutes and usage are subject to our acceptable use policy.

Doing Some Good

Huddle allows us to help students, non-profits, and charities around the world. That's because Huddle is's solution for teams.

When teams choose Huddle or when people decide to pay what they can for, it allows us to provide a free conferencing option to people around the world. (Think of it a little bit like Tom's Shoes—when you buy a pair of Tom's Shoes, they're able to give a pair to someone in need. When teams choose Huddle or when someone contributes to, it allows us to provide a free conferencing option to groups that wouldn't otherwise be able to access world-class communication technologies.)

Millions of people around the world rely on the free version of to keep studying, to help in their local communities, and to offer aid to the causes they support. We are proud to provide the tools these groups need and we can only do it because of people like you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Want to learn more?

If you have any questions, or want to start a free no-risk trial, please reach out to our wonderful sales team.