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Huddle together anytime, anywhere

We at created Huddle because modern teams needed a better way to work remotely.

You're doing some good when you communicate

Our purpose with Huddle is to ensure modern teams have the tools they need to effectively communicate. Our mission at is to help people around the world connect, collaborate, and share. When you choose Huddle you're doing some good because you're helping achieve that mission. We're only able to offer free communication tools at because organizations choose Huddle or because users decide to pay what they can.

These free communication tools mean so much to so many. We've heard from countless non-profits who use these tools to better work in their communities, from students who need them to keep studying, and from charities who use them to do invaluable work. Your choice of Huddle touches the lives of millions and because of that we hope you feel incredible. Not only are you giving your team a solution that will streamline and elevate their communications you're also helping people around the world access communication tools that would otherwise be out of their reach.

From all of us on the Huddle Team and at, thank you.

If you'd like to see stories from some of the wonderful people our community has helped you can do that here.

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We are proud to be guided by a team of highly experienced individuals who are passionate about delivering the best conferencing services to as many people as possible. With a proven track record in innovation and success, just like our products, their ambition knows no bounds.

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David Erickson

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Eugene Tcipnjatov

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Andrew Nickerson

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Joe Trenkamp

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Michael Ching
Chief Technology Officer

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Bryan Petersen
Chief Network Officer

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Brandon Klein
Vice President, Strategic Accounts