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Everything your team needs, all in one place

Huddle gives your team everything they need to stay connected from anywhere. We offer world-class audio and video conferencing, a virtual phone, team chat, and more.

A tool that fully connects your teams

Don't settle for partial solutions that leave your team members bouncing between different apps to communicate. Give them everything they need, all in one place.


Huddle up as a team with unlimited audio or video conferences.


  • Gather teams together to strategize and brainstorm
  • Host all-team meetings (you can have up to 1,000 participants in a meeting)
  • More effectively communicate when team members are remote. With our HD video conferencing—it's a bit cliché, but it really does feel like you're in the same room with each other.
  • Leverage screen sharing and drawing to take communications to the next level.


Huddle Virtual Phone

This is one of the things that really makes our Huddle solution stand out. Our virtual phones give your team members a second line that they can use to call team members and receive calls from anywhere.


  • Call team members for quick discussions
  • Keep your personal number private. Employees no longer need to use their personal phone number for business, they can give out their Huddle number instead.
  • Receive unlimited calls from any number.
  • Make outbound calls in the US (if you add the optional calling packages)


Team Chat

Our streamlined instant messaging platform let's teams go from a chatroom into a conference seamlessly.


  • Share files
  • Gather groups into chat rooms
  • Keep internal teams connected between meetings
  • Quickly check in with team members


Even more features

Audio Conferencing

We are the leaders in audio conferencing, providing crystal clear audio for up to 1,000 participants.

Video Conferencing

Easily meet face-to-face with anyone in the world and choose between Active Speaker or Gallery View.

Huddle Phone*

Our virtual phone gives your team members a second line that they can use to call each other for impromptu huddles, or that they can give out to receive unlimited calls.

Team Chat & Presence

Instant message with team members and easily escalate to a full video conference. Chat comes complete with file sharing.

Screen Sharing & White Boarding

Share your screen with participants to guide them through presentations and open white-boarding tools to brainstorm.


Let participants join in screen sharing or whiteboarding sessions with easy-to-use drawing tools.

Recording and Playback

Record your meetings and share them with team members who didn’t make it or review old meetings to remember what was discussed.


Transcriptions are available for each recorded meeting, allowing you to easily search your discussions by keyword.

Streamlined Dial-In

Each team member gets a dedicated number, meaning no access codes are required. You can even get a text notification when someone joins your meeting.

Custom Greeting + Hold Music

Allow team members to set their own greeting and hold music, or universally manage an entire team’s custom greeting and hold music from your admin dashboard.

In Country Numbers

We have local dial-ins for over 75+ countries, so no matter where participants are around the world they'll likely have an in country dial-in number available.

Toll-Free Options

Want to give participants a toll-free dial-in option? We’ve got you covered with some of the lowest per-minute prices in the industry.

Dial Into a Backup Number

Request a backup number from customer care. Dial that number, and we’ll automatically call you back and connect you to your conference.


Simply text “Call Me” to your conferences dial-in.

Meeting Lobby

In your meeting lobby you will see a “Call Me” option. Simply enter your phone number to you’ll receive a call to join your conference.

*For an additional $2/host/mo, add our US calling plan to all Virtual Phones and enable virtually unlimited calling to US numbers.

Eliminate the gap between remote and in-person communication

Image of a woman on the computer and  looking at her phone

Impromptu discussion?

Call on their Huddle phone or send them a chat. If deeper communication is needed, simply elevate to a fully featured video conference.

Image of a woman on the phone while looking at computer.

Time to brainstorm?

Set up a meeting and share your screen or open up a white board. When you enable participant drawing, you’ll feel like you and your team are all in the same room, drawing and brainstorming together.

Image of a man on the computer and  with a cup of coffee

Don't want to travel?

Set up a video conference. You get all the value of face-to-face communication and get to skip all the time spent in airports, checking into hotels, etc…

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Have a team to manage?

Stay on top of teams and manage their accounts from the Huddle admin dashboard.