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Participant Instructions

Below are instructions for participating in meetings using Huddle.Team. If you have any additional questions, go to to live chat with 24/7 Customer Care, email or call (844) 875-1111.

Audio Conferencing

A conference call is the easiest way to connect with a group.

How to Join

To join an audio conference call:

  1. Call the dial-in number provided. A link to local in-country dial-in numbers is also available in the invitation from the host
  2. When prompted, enter the host’s access code, followed by pound or hash (#).

Phone Keypad Commands

Participant Keypad Commands

Control certain aspects of the conference from the telephone with the following commands:

Command Title Description
*3 Breakout Rooms Leave the main conference to join a sub-conference. Press *3 followed by the number of the sub-conference, from 1 to 9, or press *3* to return to the main conference room at any time.
*4 Instructions Hear the list of available keypad commands.
*6 Self Mute Mute your individual line. Press *6 again to unmute the line.
94 Reactions Raise your hand and share your reactions digitally in meeting.

Press 94 to hear the list of reactions available in meeting.

Press 941 to raise your hand.

Press 942 to show a thumbs up.

Press 943 to show a thumbs down.

Press * to remove your reaction.
#PIN# Audio Sync Integrate your audio with the online meeting. Press #, enter the PIN listed on the Meeting Dashboard and press # again.

Note: This command is used only for online meetings.

Playback Instructions

There are two options for playing back a recorded conference.

  1. The host provides participants with the playback number, access code and reference number.

    Please note that the playback number is different from the conference dial-in number. Call into the recording playback number, then enter the access code and reference number for a specific recording when prompted. Once confirmed, the system will play back the recorded conference. During playback, scroll forward or backwards through the recorded conference using the following phone keypad commands:

    Command Title Description
    4 Rewind one minute Press 4 to rewind one minute.
    5 Pause/Resume Press 5 to pause, press 5 again to resume.
    6 Fast forward one minute Press 6 to fast forward one minute.
  2. The host shares a link to the recording.

Online Meetings

Use online meetings to join a web conference to screen share and show video using a webcam.

How to Join

Join the online meeting using the Huddle.Team desktop application (recommended) or Web Viewer.

Note: We recommend Chrome™ web browser for full participant functionality, including VoIP audio, video and viewing screen sharing with chat.

What you need:

  • Host’s online meeting link and/or online meeting ID (desktop application only)
  • If you are dialing in for the audio portion (recommended), have the dial-in number and access code ready

To join with the desktop application (recommended):

  1. Launch the Huddle.Team desktop application.
  2. Click Join and enter your name, email address and the host’s online meeting ID.
  3. Join the audio portion of the online meeting by first clicking Phone on the Meeting Dashboard. Then click Telephone and call the dial-in number and enter the access code followed by pound or hash (#) or Mic & Speakers and Connect Now to connect through VoIP.

To join with Web Viewer (no download necessary):

  1. Open the online meeting link in a browser to load Web Viewer.
  2. On the Web Viewer pop-up window, enter your name and email address and click Join.
  3. Click Phone and/or Camera on the Meeting Dashboard then follow the prompts to connect with audio and/or video. You will be placed on hold until the next participant arrives.

Note: To share your screen, use Chromebook for full participant functionality or download the desktop application by selecting Info on the Meeting Dashboard and clicking Download Desktop App. You can also download the desktop app anytime by going to Huddle.Team and clicking Get Desktop App at the bottom of the page.